Parts of the Orchestra


The strings family of an orchestra includes instruments such as the violin, the viola, the cello and the bass. It also includes harps and guitars. Performers play string instruments with bows or by plucking strings using their fingers.


The woodwind family contains the flute, the clarinet, the oboe, the saxophone and the English horn. The bassoon, the recorder, the bass clarinet and the piccolo are also included in the woodwind family. A woodwind instrument produces sound when the player blows into the mouthpiece or reed.


The brass family consists of the trumpet, the cornet, the French horn, the baritone and the trombone. It also includes the tuba and the sousaphone. The brass group's instruments are aerophones, which means they produce sound when air vibrates through their tubes. Musicians play them using valves or slides to lengthen or shorten the tube length and change notes.


The percussion family includes idiophones, instruments that make sounds when struck with a mallet or stick. Percussion instruments include the drums, the cymbals, the timpani, bongos and maracas.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide musical training through an orchestral setting in which the student has an opportunity to join with others and play as a group. We also hope to increase interest in different genres of music and give students opportunities to develop their musicianship.

Our Teachers

We wanted to give you a chance to get to know our teachers and conductors.

Crystal's music career started at an early age with piano lessons. Even as she grew tired of practicing and wished to quit, her parents wouldn't let her. She eventually fell in love with the violin and the rest was history. She enrolled into the music department of God's Bible School and College and in 2015 graduate with an A.A in children's ministries and a B.A in a dual track in violin performance and music education k-12. She also received the Outstanding Musical Achievement Award. Crystal has participated in multiple music competitions as a student and more recently as a music judge for the A.C.E regional competition. For the last several years, Crystal has been a string instructor at the Garen Wolf School of Music Summer Bandcamp. She is the music minister at the Wilmington Hills Wesleyan Church and currently lives in Aurora with her husband J.j. She teaches violin, viola, beginner cello and double bass as well as piano.

Bethany started teaching private music lessons in 2006 and still runs a private music studio from her home in Lawrenceburg, IN. Bethany has a B.A. in Music from Thomas Edison State College (with an instrument emphasis in violin) and a Bachelor's Equivalency Degree in Music Therapy from Saint Mary of the Woods College. She has had experience directing the strings classes at Rosedale Bible College's "Choral Camp" for three years and very much enjoys group directing. In addition to teaching private music lessons, Bethany practices as a Music Therapist (MT-BC) and sees music therapy clients all over Southeast Indiana.

Denise Rose grew up in the Suburbs of Chicago and played in the McHenry County Youth Orchestra. She never dreamed that she would end up teaching violin and viola, and teaching is a bit of a happy accident. Her musical education has added a great accent to her life, which she enjoys watching others learn today. She has been giving private lessons now for 7 years. Mrs. Rose teaches both violin and viola, but is primarily a viola teacher.


The goal of SEIYO is to provide young musicians with the opportunity to develop their musicianship through an orchestral setting.


  • First Rehearsal

    South Dearborn High School

  • Auditions!

    Wilmington Hills Wesleyan Church


  • Christmas Concert

    South Dearborn High School

  • Auditions!

    Wilmington Hills Wesleyan Church


  • The beginning

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Below are several of the documents necessary to participate in the Southeast Indiana Youth Orchestra. If you have any questions please let us know!

Fall 2017 Flier

Welcome to the Southeast Indiana Youth Orchestra!



Please fill out this form to register for the 2017 Southeast Indiana Youth Orchestra.


Payment Form

This form needs to be completed and submitted with your registration.


Terms & Agreements

Please read this document, sign and return it with your registration and payment forms.


Job Positions

The motto of SEIYO is “training musicians for life.” We like to do this by offering positions...


Tuition Assistance

Please fill out this document in its entirety and email to


Rental Program

Through this program, we will be able to provide several interested students with a rental instrument at an affordable price! The student will also be given the option to apply all rental fees toward the purchase of the instrument.

Rental Program

The Dearborn Community Foundation, Inc., awarded $3,452.00 to Southeast Indiana Youth Orchestra, Inc., from the City of Lawrenceburg Youth Grant Program, for purchase of...


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